Cancer Insurance Plan

Why get this cancer insurance plan?

All you need to know about Cancer Insurance Plan

Multiple claims for early-stage cancer

Upto 5 early-stage cancer claims payable for different organs

Premium relaxation if cancer is detected in early stages

Future premiums waived off along with 20% of the cover paid upfront

100% cover amount payable even during late-stage detection

Full cover payment is paid with additional 10% as income for next 5 years, irrespective of death or policy term expiry

Maximum cover amount of up to 50 lakhs

One of the highest across all cancer insurance plans in the market

Increase in coverage for every claim-free year

10% simple rate increase in cover up to 150% of the original amount

Savings on online purchase

Up to 25% discount, in case of an online purchase

Finer details
  • Any Indian citizen, between 25-65 years of age can buy the plan, with expiry till 75 years of age
  • Flexibility to choose from five expiry ages - 55/60/65/70/75


How does the insurance plan work?

How do I make a claim?


File a claim through Max Life Insurance office, via email, or any Axis Bank branch


When filing a claim, complete and submit cancer claim form (form CA) and NEFT mandate form, along with attested copies of hospital records, a copy of photo ID proof, and a copy of schedule page on your policy.


Attach medical records such as histopathology report, biopsy report, tumour marker test reports, discharge summary, chemotherapy/ radiation therapy records and OPD/in-patient hospital records.

You must remember this…

State all facts truthfully while purchasing the plan

Pay all policy premiums on time

Read details of the policy document, including the proposal form, to ensure the accuracy of information. For any error you observe, contact us for correction.