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Why get a Term Plan?

A #BackupPlan to secure your family's future

Affordable Coverage

High life cover at low premiums

Life Insurance Cover till Age 75

With a maximum life coverage duration of 40 years

Additional Accidental Coverage

With cost-effective riders

Tax Benefits & Exemptions

Under Section 80C, 80D, 80DD, 10(10D) as per prevailing tax laws

You should buy this plan if:
  • You are the sole breadwinner of your family
  • You are servicing a loan or have any financial liabilities
  • You are a young parent
Assurance of Protection
  • With a Claim Settlement Ratio of 97.59% (Src: Public Disclosure, FY2016-17), so that your loved ones are in safe hands

Max Life: The company you trust

individual death claims paid in FY'16;

we honour all valid claims (Src: Public Disclosure, FY2016-17)

worth of company financial assets (till H1 FY17)

which grew by 18% over H1 FY16 (Src: Public disclosure, Q2 FY16-17)

total sum assured in force, including group (till H1 FY17);

a jump of 42% over H1 FY16 (Src: Public disclosure, Q2 FY16-17)