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Explore why an online Term Plan purchase makes more sense

Online insurance purchase helps you save money, and offers a hassle-free, quick and convenient process

In this era when everything is online, life insurance is no different. Along with the usual benefits like 24 x 7 availability, convenience and speed, online insurance makes a lot of sense – for the buyers as well as the insurance companies. Here is why:

Lower Premiums

Research shows that in some cases, online term insurance plans can cost up to 40% lesser than offline plans with the same features and benefits. One of the key factors that influence cost is the absence of an insurance advisor (and hence savings on the distribution costs and commissions). In addition, savings from overheads (documentation, logistics, stationery, etc.) are also passed on to you. Further, for the insurance company, an online buyer represents an educated, well-informed and responsible individual. This difference in profile can lead to lower premiums.

Facility to Compare and Choose

All major life insurance companies in India are now offering online term insurance plans. As a buyer you  can easily access a wealth of informative articles, calculators, case studies, explainer videos, suggestions, etc., to learn about the features and benefits of various offerings, compare policies, and take informed decisions.


Speed and Security

When you choose to pay insurance premiums online, you can choose from a whole host of fast and secure payment options like net banking, debit cards, credit cards and more. Because all payments are instantly processed through a secure gateway, you are ensured peace of mind. The payment process is quick, hassle-free and provides an instant online receipt. This is especially ideal for times when you need to quickly furnish documents for claiming tax exemptions.

While buying a policy online offers all these benefits, caveat emptor (buyer beware). Feel free to contact the insurance company through its online/ on phone assistance channels for any doubts. Ensure that all your concerns are addressed before you buy that term plan.

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