6 Common cancer myths debunked

Cancer Myths Debunked

Let's uncover 6 major myths surrounding cancer causes and its treatment

Cancer is one of the world's most-feared diseases. Fear and ignorance have led to many myths around cancer.

Debunking some common cancer myths

Myth 1 - Cancer is incurable: Cancer is not a fatal disease if diagnosed at an early stage. With early detection and proper information, effective treatment can drastically increase the probability of recovery and survival. In the last few decades, advances have been made across all stages of treatment - prevention, screening and medicine.

Myth 2 - Cancer is a man-made, modern disease: Lifestyle changes, diet, air pollution and smoking have a huge impact on cancer, but they are not the sole causes of the disease. Researchers have discovered signs of cancer in skeletons over 3,000-year old and believe that cancer has existed for thousands of years.

Myth 3 - Cancer is hereditary and contagious: Cancers are caused by the genetic changes that a human body undergoes and not due to hereditary factors. Also, there is no proof that cancer spreads from one person to another.

Myth 4 - Antiperspirants and deodorants cause breast cancer: No scientific evidence has been found about chemicals in antiperspirants causing cancer. Another common myth around underwire brassieres causing breast cancer hasn’t been validated by medical research.


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