Life Cover Plus Monthly Income

Term Insurance plan with lumpum payout + Monthly Income for 10 years

Why should you buy this plan ?

100% sum assured + monthly income

Total Payout is 148% of lumpsum where Monthly Income is 0.4% of Lumpsum, payable over 10 years

30-day free look period

Didn’t like it? Cancel your policy within 30 days

Tax Benefits and Exemptions

Under Section 80C, 80D, 80DD, 10(10D) as per prevailing tax laws

Cost-effective riders

Additional protection at affordable prices

Lower premium for non-smokers

We reward healthier lifestyle choices

Finer details

How does this term plan work?

Maximize your protection

Get additional yet cost-effective protection against life's uncertainties

Max Life Comprehensive Accidental Death Benefit Rider(CAB)

Get additional protection in case of accident leading to dismemberment/death (For further details, please refer to the Max Life Comprehensive Accidental Death Benefit brochure (UIN -104B025V02)


Max Life Waiver of Premium Plus Rider(WOP)

Get waiver of all future premiums in case of critical illness/dismemberment/death* (For further details, please refer to the Max Life Waiver of Premium Plus brochure (UIN: 104B029V02)

*Death waiver applicable only when life insured and policy holder are different

How does my family make a claim?

In the unfortunate event of your death, your nominee will need to:


Provide written intimation within 30 days through agent advisor, or any Max Life insurance office or via email. 


Submit all completed forms such as death claim application, attending physician’s statement, employer certificate, and NEFT mandate form.


Attach other relevant documents such as original policy, photo identity, among others. 

You must remember this…

State all facts truthfully while purchasing the plan. Disclose all medical details, existing life insurance policies, etc.

Pay all policy premiums on time

Share policy details with family members, to avoid hassles while raising a claim

Basic Life Cover + Increasing Monthly Income

One-time payout along with increasing* monthly income for the next 10 years

*@ 10% per year (Simple Interest)